Surah 74. The Cloaked One, The Man Wearing A Cloak
1. O thou wrapped up (in the mantle)!
2. Arise and deliver thy warning!
3. And thy Lord do thou magnify!
4. And thy garments keep free from stain!
5. And all abomination shun!
6. Nor expect, in giving, any increase (for thyself)!
7. But, for thy Lord's (Cause), be patient and constant!
8. Finally, when the Trumpet is sounded,
9. That will be- that Day - a Day of Distress,-
10. Far from easy for those without Faith.
11. Leave Me alone, (to deal) with the (creature) whom I created (bare and) alone!-
12. To whom I granted resources in abundance,
13. And sons to be by his side!-
14. To whom I made (life) smooth and comfortable!
15. Yet is he greedy-that I should add (yet more);-
16. By no means! For to Our Signs he has been refractory!
17. Soon will I visit him with a mount of calamities!
18. For he thought and he plotted;-
19. And woe to him! How he plotted!-
20. Yea, Woe to him; How he plotted!-